Born in Aichi prefecture in 1993
2019 "Solo Exhibition" Sendai Mitsukoshi
   Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School Master's Program Design Department Drawing / Decoration Laboratory Completed Production Design N Award (Chinami Nakajima Award)
   "Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Limited Express / Kawagoe Art Train Wrapping Design" Original picture charge
2020 "Solo Exhibition" Shibuya Tokyu
   "Denny's Grand Menu Book" original picture charge
2021 "Solo Exhibition" Takamatsu Mitsukoshi
2022 "Solo Exhibition" Medel Gallery Shu


1993 愛知県生まれ 
2019 「個展」仙台三越 
  東京藝術大学大学院修士課程デザイン科描画・装飾研究室修了 修了制作デザインN賞(中島千波賞) 受賞 
2022 「個展」愛でるギャラリー祝

Works Concept

I study Japanese paintings from the Edo period and other periods, as well as contemporary Japanese subcultures, to produce paintings that rethink Japanese culture and history. In the "Gunzo" series, my attempts to re-edit Japanese culture by appropriating Japanese painting techniques such as "Rakuchu Rakugai Zu Byobu" and mashing up holograms with lamé, mashing up Japanese painting with today's hobby culture such as card games and stickers, and so on. One of the themes of "Gunzo" series is life, which incorporates the shape of a spiral. On the other hand, the spiral is accompanied by the image of inheritance and continuity, such as DNA and the survival of the species. This image is superimposed on my cultural heritage activities of redefining, reinterpreting, and reproducing Japanese art by merging it with contemporary culture.

The series with the motif of a young girl was born out of my research into the genre of Japanese-style painting known as "bijinga" (portraits of beautiful women).  When I make a path from a pen drawing to a digital tool, there are subtle deviations, such as noise and bugs.  I do not correct the bugs,  because these bugs, or unexpected phenomena, remind me of the times in which we live. There is a hypothesis in biology, the "Red Queen Hypothesis," which states that species that have stopped evolving will be the first to perish.  This series of works is an attempt to look at the nature of human beings. Behind the appearance of the girl, it shows the nature of a life or a spiral of human beings who are forced to respond and adapt to a situation they have never experienced before.




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